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Social Media Marketing: Trends in Pictures

The truth in social: you’re only as good as you look.A picture may be worth a thousand word but only if it’s the right one. Including lots of logos and obvious product placement in pictures is not exciting to your audience. The good news is, you can take great photos...

Most Loved Products…Zen Garden!

Pairing a sense of calm with a bit of whimsy, our Zen Garden collection is sure to please. Om. Zen garden is your happy place. It’s the space you create from your own imagination, a place to unwind, regroup and find your center. It incorporates soothing colors...

Summer Show Season – Quick Ways to Prepare Now

Gift show time can creep up on you fast, take a moment now to get ready! It’s March. And it’s probably been snowing in your neck of the woods this week too. While we probably all want to curl up in front of a fire with a good book, chances are you’re reading this at...

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