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Inspiration Color Cards…Urban Geometry!

Our color cards teach you how to bring on-trend looks to your shop.  Our Urban Geometry color card draws inspiration from the blended heritage of urban environments. Hues of gold and gray come together with war wood tones and repurposed materials to create a unique...

Did you hear? Amazon is buying Whole Foods.

What you need to know now, and how you can change.   When they announced their acquisition of Whole Foods, Amazon set the retail world ablaze. Suddenly, the online retail giant was jumping the shark to brick and mortar, and a lot of people took notice—as Amazon’s all...

Encouragement Today 

Sometimes the grind of running your own business leaves you needing a little lift.  We get it. That shipment was late. Then a customer made a return on an item you swear was used. And of course, this is that day that Sally called in sick. Sometimes when you’re running...

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