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Are 26-Year-Olds Your Best New Prospects?

From world explorers to home decorators, older millennials are changing it up. You blinked and suddenly Millennials grew up—older Millennials are now 25-36 and their spending habits are changing. The classification of the footloose and fancy-free Millennials spending...

Holiday Trend 2017: Millennial Gifting

This holiday capitalize on the Millenial drive for experiences! It’s no secret that over the past few years we’ve seen Millennials favoring experiences over “things” which has made them difficult to shop for. This has led to new gifting trends—items that help...

Window Shopping During Paris Fashion Week!

We were lucky enough to have a colleague head to Paris during fashion week…here’s the latest! Paris Fashion Week is in full swing and we’re getting window shopping updates from a Melrose colleague lucky enough to be there for the fun. What are we seeing in Paris right...

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