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Building the Perfect Picture

How Melrose creates their catalog covers. The Spring Supplemental Catalog will be in your mailbox soon. (Keep your eye out for it and be sure to join our mailing list if you’re not already getting the catalogs.) The cover photo features a green background with LED...

Behind the Scenes at a Melrose Photoshoot

A peek at the making of the Melrose 2018 Supplemental Catalog. At Melrose, we have a Customer Driven philosophy and that extends all the way to our catalogs. What does that mean? When we select items to feature in our catalogs we start by looking at our top selling...

7 Weeks of Savings 2017: Week 7!

Join us for week 7 of 7 weeks of Savings, November 27-December 3, 2017! For the final week of our 7 Weeks of Savings, we’ve got lots of sevens (week 7 of 7 weeks in 2017!) and we’re feeling lucky! So look for savings on best sellers and receive an extra...

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