At Melrose our discount program works differently than other wholesalers. Let us explain the difference and what it means for you!Pricing Graphic1Our pricing structure is more like a loyalty program than a discount. This allows us to reward customers all year long–on any size order–instead of just discounting a big order once a year.

How does it work?
We offer our pricing on three tiers – Good, Better and Best. The size of your opening order determines your discount level for the rest of the year. That means if your opening order gets you the “Better” discount you get to keep that discount on your next order, even if it’s just a few items.

So what are the pricing levels?
Below is an example breakdown of the Good, Better and Best tiers, as you would find them in our catalog. You get the Good pricing if your opening order is $250, the Better pricing if it is $2,000 and the Best pricing if it is $3,500.
Why does Melrose offer this loyalty program instead of the one everyone else offers?
At Melrose, we want you to buy deep in the line, not deep into one product for a discount. We give you the discount for one year no matter the reorder amount to make it easy to maintain your discount status (Good, Better or Best). So when you reorder…no matter the amount…you get the same price! The rules to get the discount apply the same to everyone.

What’s the benefit of this type of program?
We are warehousing for you instead of jamming up your backroom. Once you have established your discount, it is yours for a whole year. You don’t have to buy big again until next year. Need something? Reorder as necessary! You maintain your profitability with a consistent mark, you don’t lose gross profit by over ordering items and you save money by not taking up valuable backroom space.

If my total orders for the year equal the next discount level, does my discount increase?
No. The amount of your opening order is what determines your discount. You do maintain your discount for the next year by your total orders for the year. If for the year, you order the same or more than your discount level amount, you will maintain the current discount you have for another year. Definitely, take this into consideration when placing your initial order with Melrose. Try to reach the highest discount possible without compromising yourself. ‘

Do sale items count in trying to achieve my price discount for my opening order?
Yes, they do! While you won’t get any further discounts on the sale items, they WILL count towards your total.

Will I automatically get my discount or do I have to note it on my order?
We review all orders and give discounts accordingly. If we have any questions or concerns, then we will contact you. If you feel more comfortable noting it, then you are welcome to do so!

At Melrose, we provide customers with superior service, quality products, expert design and outstanding value. All with the aim of enhancing the potential for the success of our customers, representatives, and employees. The makeup of our loyalty program fits in line with this mission perfectly to afford you the best prices all year without forcing you to carry extra inventory.

Have more questions about our loyalty program? Check out our or FAQ or you can always call customer service at 800-282-2144.