A blog in honor of one of our most passionate sales reps. chicago-repGina Lempa Chicago Gift Rep Melrose For the past 23 years Gina Lempa has been a force to be reckoned with at Melrose. She started as a rep with us when her son was just 7 months old and has never looked back. A trend setter in the industry, Gina was nominated by Gifts and Dec for Rep of the Year and even started her own Reps Pop Up Event to better serve her customers. Driven and caring, we invited Gina to share her passion for her customers with us.

How do you help customers with their store?
My customers call me for all kinds of help—from advice on product combinations to display ideas, to marketing and sales tips. The best of all is when a customer asks me to come join them at one of their open houses. It has been my pleasure in the last couple of years to assist at many different trunk or lobby shows, holiday open houses and recently a grand re-opening.

How do you help keep your customers in the know?
I use social media and direct emails to try and keep my customers up to date on special promotions like Melrose’s new #FridayFavorites, seasonal sales and show details (also, FIY, the spring dating deadline is November 30th, 2016 with payment due April 1st, 2017.)  I want them to receive as much bang for the buck as they can get!

What kinds of unexpected value do you, as a rep, provide?
Networking!! Customers ask me for help finding new employees or new jobs. If I know of someone looking I am happy to connect people together. Last year, I introduced a wonderfully talented designer, recently out of a job, to an equally wonderful store that was looking for a part time designer. They tell me, “It was a perfect match!” 

What are your favorite Melrose products?
Tough question. I love our variety of animals and critters, from our terra cotta birds, frogs and dogs to our pinecone hedgehogs. I think we have a beautiful selection of angels and cherubs and of course, I’m a huge fan of our selection of lanterns. As an independent rep for Melrose, I love that I can build and manage my small business and represent a top notch company with management that cares and offers beautiful home decor and garden accent products to a wonderful variety of customers.

We couldn’t be more honored and happy to have Gina as one of our Reps. Her care of her clients and knowledge of our products shines through with every customer. Gina, here’s to you!

Do you have a favorite sales rep or a story to share about Gina? Share with us in the comments below!