When you think Merle Norman, you probably think cosmetics and facials, but you should be thinking candles and gifts too!LED wholesale candles realistic flame flickerWhen Pamela Payne became the owner of the Merle Norman in Marshall, Texas she knew she was taking a deep dive into the cosmetics world…what she didn’t expect was to sell gift items too; and certainly not LED candles. But she did, and they’re selling like crazy!

For the uninitiated, Merle Norman Cosmetics have been a staple in the US for the last 83 years, partially due to their fantastic colors and makeup quality but also because they are made in America. The Merle Norman line is sold at franchised locations across the country, including Pamela’s Texas store. It’s up to the individual owners to decide if they want to sell straight cosmetics or supplement with complimentary items. In Pamela’s case, the answer was clear—“we focus on making ladies beautiful, but we also sell them pretty things for themselves and their homes,” she said.

So how did Melrose’s Simplux Candles find their way into a cosmetics store?

Pamela had seen the growing popularity of LED candles in her community, but was nervous about including them with the purses, hats and other gift items in her store. The decision was made when she got a little prodding from her husband. “He said: If we go to market, we’re buying candles” laughs Pamela.

So, armed with a list of wants, Pamela walked the January show and vetted 6 different candle vendors before settling on Melrose.

She selected SImplux LED candles because they are:

~ Remote control operated so they can live in hard to reach places

~ Programmable and can be turned off / on at certain times

~ Battery operated with a long life battery (Simplux candles last over 300 hours!)

~ Reasonably priced so they will turn quickly

~ Realistic looking so they fit with any decor

Aside from the reasonable price point of the Melrose Simplux LED candles, Pamela said she fell in love with them because of the realistic quality of the moving flame. “It flickered just like a real flame and that’s when I knew it was something that would SELL!” she said.

Pamela’s selling strategy

Once she had them in the store, Pamela developed a strategy to sell the Simplux candles that has an incredibly high success rate. She placed the candles on a display near the checkout. When customers are ready to be rung up, she says “Oh, have you seen these?” and points to the candles, turning them on with the remote. “They love the remote, the flicker…and the melted wax look,” Pamela said.

“Once I show customers what they do, the candles pretty much sell themselves,” she added.

So if you thought candles are only for gift shops, think again. LED candles are being used everywhere—from home decorating to church—and shopper demand is high. The only real choice left for you is how many to order! Learn more about Melrose Simplux LED candles.

Are you finding success with Melrose Simplux LED candles? Perhaps you have a unique way you show them off. Or maybe you’ve integrated other non-traditional product in your store? We’d love to hear about your experience in the comments section below.