Be a holiday shopping angel.December Blogs 2017-02When you’ve left Christmas shopping to the last minute you’re probably too busy to shop. Or you don’t have a clue what to get people and you’ve put it off. Or both.

No matter the reason, last-minute holiday shoppers tend to be stressed out. This can create shoppers who are overly particular, short-tempered and even rude. But it also creates an opportunity for you to help the shopper with their needs—and if you do a good job you’ll have a loyal customer who will rave about your store.

So how do you help these shoppers? We’ve got a 3-step method for you!

Step 1: Establish yourself as an expert
By now you should be able to pick out those harried last-minute shoppers in your sleep. The first step in approaching these people is reassuring them that you have the expertise to help them out. Tell them this is your 14th Christmas helping people pick out the perfect presents. Tell them you had someone in last week with the same kind of gift need and you were able to help them. Tell them you know the most popular items. Obviously, It’s best not to lay it on too thick, so just pick one or two points of credibility to share as you meet this person.

Step 2: Listen
Now that the shopper is comfortable that you can help them, ask a few questions. You might know right away what you will recommend, but listen to the shopper as they talk. Show active listening by repeating back to them what they need “A present for your 83-year-old grandmother who likes cats”.  Try and ask a follow-up question as you take them to the item. This will help you refine your recommendations if the first item does not suite.

Step 3: Full service and a thank you
Once you’ve found the perfect present ask the shopper if they have any more gifts they need to buy. If they are shopping for an aunt ask about an uncle. If it’s for dad ask about mom. Of course, they may not need any more help but people do get overwhelmed and you don’t want them to forget anyone!

Once it’s clear you’ve helped your shopper get everything they need, thank them sincerely for coming in. Share something personal about your store—perhaps it’s been in the community for a number of years, or perhaps you’re donating a percentage of sales to a specific charity over the holidays. Whatever it is you can share that will make them feel even better about their choice to shop your store, is worthwhile.

As the last-minute shoppers take over your store in these last few days before Christmas we invite you to help them by establishing yourself as an expert, really listening to their needs and finally thanking them for shopping with you.

And with that in mind, we’d like to do the same! The Melrose Mission is to provide customers with superior service, quality products, expert design and outstanding value. We believe that by achieving these goals, Melrose International can enhance the potential for the success of our customers, representatives, and employees. So, whether you’ve ordered from us in the last week, the last year, (or maybe longer!), we thank you for your business and wish you success this holiday and in the future.