This holiday capitalize on the Millenial drive for experiences!

HolidayTrendsIt’s no secret that over the past few years we’ve seen Millennials favoring experiences over “things” which has made them difficult to shop for. This has led to new gifting trends—items that help Millennials track and remember their experiences. Today, we’ll talk about some of the gift items that appeal to younger Millennials. Next week we’ll dive into the world of the older Millennials (25-36) to understand what’s important to them as they mature into adulthood.

Popular gift items for tracking travel experiences include art items like a scratch-off world map. These maps invite travelers to scratch the gold foil from places they’ve traveled to reveal the country underneath. In some cases, the map is art itself as in this limited edition watercolor print scratch-off map. One thing we really love about these maps? They display so nicely with just a few places scratched off.
pic 1

Other forms of experiences, like concerts, shows, and sporting events can be tracked in a ticket stub diary. Available in simple inexpensive ticket stub holders like this one from uncommon goods or in fancier versions with more room for personalization, these diaries are a nice way to track and remember experiences. They are an easy item to incorporate into your store, too.

And of course, Instagram pictures. Its doubtful Millennials (or any age for that matter!) will ever fall out of love with photos of themselves and their adventures. And the desire to get those little photos off the phone and onto the wall is growing. So, bring on the square frames! From square, shadowbox style holders to more unique frames that can be personalized to this company that can print Instagram pictures directly from your account and mails them to you in classic black frames. Whatever the style, expect to see even more square frames this holiday—and maybe consider an investment in a photo printer for your store 🙂
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When thinking about holiday items for younger Millennials in your store, consider items that can be used to track and display experiences. From travel to tickets to pictures, younger Millennials are looking for ways to preserve and remember the things they spend their money on…. As the Millennial generation ages, older Millennials are starting to settle down and spend money in ways you might expect. More on that next week!

Are you seeing this trend too? What gift items are appealing to Millennials in your store? Share with us in the comments below.