As the new year approaches we went to our readers to find out what inspires!new-years-blog-01

As 2016 draws to a close we shared a survey with our readers to find out what sells, what inspries and what helps them get through the day.

What products do you want to see more of?
While our readers tell us that holiday and gift items are selling like hot cakes right now, in the long term there is more interest in everyday / year round products. In fact, almost half of the responders indicate that they would like to see more  year round items from vendors. Following that, about a third of responders would like to see more small furniture and display pieces at shows.
prouducts to see more of

Plans for the New Year
When asked to share their plans fo the new year, retailers have a lot on their plates! Almost half of resonders say they plan to work on thier marketing, learn new technology, update their websites and social media accounts as well as take time off for themseleves (by choosing “all of the above”). Following that, about a quarter will either prioritize creating a marketing plan or updating their web and social media accounts. The large percentage of retailers shared that they will be focusing across multiple priorites in 2017, from marketing to technology, reminds us that running a gift shop is about so much more than just selling curios.
plans for the new year

What Inspries You
Finally, we wanted to understand what you find inspiring. So we looked into what retailers want to read about on our blog. While learning from other retailers and discovering upcoming trends is popular, the favorite blog themes are new product features and marketing ideas. Additionally, you told us that your top two magazines–where you turn for inspriation and industry news–are Gifts and Decorative Accessories and Florists’ Review. Outside of that, social media is the top outlet for inspriation outside of the industry.

read most on blog

As we close 2016, and look forward to another new year, we wish you all a healthy and prosperous 2017. We are honored to be a vendor of choice for so many of you and we hope you will look to us as a resouce for filling your store with gift and home product AND as a place of inspiration. As always, we hope you will consider this blog a place to:
     ASK the questions you have about our posts, our products, our promotions and more
     SHARE your opinions, ideas and experiences
     INTERACT with us and one another