The winter show season is just a month away…be ready with our to-do list!

2017 Winter Gift Show January Dats and Times

At one month out it’s time to take 30 min to get your market to-do list to-done. From booking hotels to travel to appointments with reps here are the best tips—and a trend preview—to get you ready for market and on to your holiday plans.

Travel and hotel
By now you’ve decided which market you’ll be attending (see the handy list below if you’re still unsure). Today is the day to click the market website and book your hotel. Our hotel rule of thumb is you won’t be there very much so don’t stress about staying at the most posh hotel. Instead select a hotel near the market that has a reputation for being clean and friendly (hint, read the reviews). As for getting there, if you’re flying visit to book your flight right away otherwise google your drive time so you’ll know when to leave.

Make an appointment with your Rep
Our sales reps are there to help you select the best products for your shop. They understand our product portfolio and also the needs of your store. So make an appointment to meet them at market and take advantage of their expertise! To find YOUR Melrose rep, and make an appointment visit our Showroom page.

Discover the newest trends
Greens are going to be big in 2017/2018. Think new, fresh, natural greenery – including wreaths, garlands, stems and more. And, to make sure you’re stocked with the best new trends, Melrose has focused on greens this year with over 170 new greenery skus added for 2017, that’s a 60% increase in natural greenery selection. What you need is realistic looking greens at the best price on the market and that is what you’ll find at Melrose.

Winter 2017 Show Dates 
Atlanta             Jan 10-17
Find Melrose at: AmericasMart, Bldg 1, 17-C-11 and Southern Link, Bldg 2, 1613

              Jan 18-24
Find Melrose at: World Trade Center, Showroom 310

Las Vegas        Jan 22-26
Find Melrose at: World Market Center, Showroom C-932

Minneapolis      Jan 29-Feb2
Find Melrose at: TYSA Direct, Showroom RED245

From travel, to appointments, to trend research there can be a lot do to as you prepare for market. But, by taking a few minutes now to book your travel and make an appointment with your rep, you’ll have checked the big tasks off your to-do list and can focus on the fun part…trolling Pinterst for new trend ideas!

What market are you planning to attend and why? Have you already booked your travel and planned your visits? We’d love to hear your market plans in the comments section below.