Melrose seeks to inspire with our newest video series: Decorate with Melrose.

Artboard 21

Today we evoke the drama of a romantic evening as we decorate beautiful wooden lanterns. By including real-life elements, from wine glasses and bottles to fruit, this design creates interest and intrigue. Watch the video to learn how. Find all the items you need, listed below (except, of course, the wine and glasses, we trust you have your own!).

About the products
Our beautiful wood lanterns draw you in with rustic details and windowpane design. Tops are open while tapered sides feature glass panels. Large size for displaying multiple candles. Candles and accessories not included. (Product number: 70489 Size:20.5”H and  28”H)

Decorated with
Echeveria  (Product number: 70674)
Seedum Orb (Product number: 70690)
Mini Leaf/Berry Wreath (Product number: 70131)

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