Melrose seeks to inspire with our newest video series: Decorate with Melrose.Artboard 20For the last installment of our Decorating series we explore decorating one of the most trending items this year: Terrariums. Staring with our glass display cubes and layering in gravel, moss, and succulents, magazine worthy terrariums are easy to create. Watch the video to learn how to create this look yourself, or dream up an idea of your own (and share it with us in the comments below!)

About the products
Our terrarium style display cubes are so versatile! Ideal for creating candle displays or faux terrariums, the options are endless. Rustic look pairs metal framed glass cubes with weathered wood bases. (Product #70439, 13”H, 16”H, 19.5”H Glass/Metal)

Designed with;

Decorated with
Moss Mat (Product #66252, 12″ square)
Cobra Lily Plant x2 (Product #70643)
Succulent Stem x3 (Product #6610) > Missing full product # in the video 
Succulent Stem x2 (Product #66608)
Echeveria x3 (Product #70674)
Succulent x3 (Product #70674) > Same product # as above, should this line be deleted?
Succulent x2 (Product #70672)
Mini Cactus Plant (Product #70656)
Seedum Spray (Product #70660)
Simplux Candle (Product #57742) – learn more about real wax SImplux candles in retail

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