Our Home & Garden 2017 line is full of fresh, new and modern product. Today we are showcasing our Most Loved Products of 2016.NovDec BlogsOne of the biggest things your customers will be looking for is versatile design that not only can be used throughout the year, but also serves a function and purpose. A product that has multiple purposes creates more value in your customers’ eyes. This collection features product that not only is expertly designed, but will also help organize or serve a specific purpose in your store or home.

Bar stools, tool and shelf caddy’s, shelving, tabletops and more — our Home & Garden collection encompasses so many items that will cater not only your retail space but your customers as well. Wood and galvanized metal add a rustic, farmhouse vibe while metal rods and modern touches bring a sophisticated look. Melrose brings you new and fresh product that is not only designed to coincide with current and upcoming trends, but also holds value for years to come.

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Featured Items:
66433 – Double Shelf Wall Rack 31.5” L, 26.5”H MDF/Metal
66722 – Wood Lid Metal Baskets (Set of 2) 15.5”H, 20.25”H Metal/Wood
66431 – Wood Seat Stool 30.5”H Wood/Metal
66740 – Basket/Caddy (Set of 2) 12” L, 16” L Metal
66715 – Tiered Basket/Caddy 25.5”H Metal
66723 – Carrying Tray 14”H Metal/Wood
66717 – Rounded Trays (Set of 3) 14” L, 17.25” L, 19.75” L Metal