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Author: Hadley Creekmuir

Spring is officially one week away. It’s the season that signals rebirth – that time of year when we clean out, renew and refresh the spaces around us.  There is something uplifting about seeing the sun and feeling its rays beam down, offering warmth after a season of cold. Consumers are more apt to go on a spring spending spree, looking to upgrade their living spaces and decorate for the warmer seasons ahead.

In fact, business forecaster Kiplinger reports that 2018 promises to be a strong year for retailers. “Consumers’ wealth gains will lead to more home improvement projects and will keep building materials flying off the shelves. Sales of all other goods will advance 4.7% in 2018, the best growth in seven years.” For retailers, this data means big opportunity, and by now you have your stores well positioned to capitalize on that momentum. In today’s blog, we’re taking you straight to the source of our designs, Ken Fetgatter, for his Top 15 Must-Have items that will surely entice your customers on a spring spending spree.  We’ll chat briefly with Ken about how he and his team find inspiration and create products.

HC: How do you develop collections?

KF: To start any season, my design team meets to study data and analyze current trends in the marketplace. We look at color forecasts, what’s going on in the fashion world, we look at runway collections and current events. We also get feedback from our customers and entertain their ideas. Once a direction and theme have been determined, we then decide what type of products we need to develop for that theme.  Sometimes the product is simple enough to go directly to a factory for development.  Other times, we hire an artist to sketch our artwork.   Next, we take the design to our factories and bring the vision to life.  The process of creating a collection can take up to a year, sometimes more, before samples are ready.

Our 2018 spring/summer collection resonates well with what today’s home and garden consumer is seeking.  For example, modern farmhouse style is extremely popular both indoors and out, as it’s warm and approachable, family-friendly, flexible and fairly versatile. Here are my top picks:


Metal Trugs


Half Round Wall Pocket




Metal Wheelbarrow


Fountain with tubs


Water Can/Anthurium/Hummingbird Fountain


Leaf Fountain


Style these galvanized pieces with a vibrant mix of spring florals mixed with easy greenery; use the windmill to make a big impact outdoors or even on a blank wall inside; and make the fountains a centerpiece, bringing a garden to life.

In home décor, you’ll find collections that are casual and on point with color trends. Driftwood reflects a natural and organic element, and these items blend wood with metal to offer a soothing, harmonic atmosphere:

Pail with Rope Handle

70707 1

Blue and White Tile Trays


Ceramic Vase


One of my favorites, a Eucalyptus wreath, to bring both energy and tranquility to a home –


New lanterns to illuminate any space:

22” Metal and Glass Lantern,  5” Metal and Glass Lantern


22” Metal and Glass Lantern5” Metal and Glass Lantern


HC: How do you find inspiration for these products?

KF: Developing a collection is a fluid process, happening throughout the year. We are constantly thinking about the next season and how we can make it better. We never know when the inspiration may occur – we find it in daily life – and jump on the chance to design a product if it rings true to our brand and our unique style aesthetic.

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