Meet our fourth Retailer of the Week from our Be Inspired holiday decorating contest.

While we at Melrose are sad that our Be Inspired holiday decorating contest is coming to a close with our fourth Retailer of the Week, our hearts are brightened with this winner’s wonderful use of light in their displays. Our final winner is Bear Creek Mercantile.

Bear Creek Mercantile is a Charleston, Mo., gift shop that annually produces distinct and eye-catching holiday displays. This year was no different, as they created displays featuring many new Melrose candles and great holiday trees with LED lights. With a display like this, you can see why our candles are one of our best-selling items!

Kay Teeters, owner, was happy to be named a Retailer of the Week. Here’s what she had to say about Bear Creek Mercantile’s holiday displays and their relationship with Melrose:

“When people take a look at our front window during Christmas, they see many Melrose items that inspired us to get in the Christmas spirit. We at Bear Creek Mercantile have used Melrose’s products to encourage the same spirit from our community. My daughter, Karen, who did all the displays, turns the candles to the eight-hour setting so they come on at 4 p.m. and stay on until midnight each night. This way, when people come to our downtown, they get such a pretty view of our store on its corner location. We love that we were named a Retailer of the Week, and we love to spread Christmas cheer with Melrose products! We really like their designs, which are very marketable and appeal to a wide range of interests. Plus, we think their customer service is fantastic. They replaced a bare branch LED tree that we had ordered in the summer and had not taken the time to plug in and test. They had a new one to us in time for our Christmas open house. They are just very nice people.”

Learn more about our friends at Bear Creek Mercantile here.